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What is fIRC?

fIRC is a chat server, and a protocol called fIRC. fIRC stands for Futuristic Internet Relay Chat. It is open source (the protocol spec. and server)

What is a port?

Ports are virtual places on computers that can only be used once. fIRC uses 1 port (which you specify), and uses sockets to handle individual connections.

What are sockets?

Sockets are different handles which are used to hold connections. Every time a connection to the fIRC port is made, a new socket is loaded to accept, to keep port open.

Is fIRC legal?

Yes. There is NOTHING illegal about fIRC, but some ISPs may forbid servers, usually if they generate high bandwidth hits or are webservers. Usually, if you don't say anything, and your server does not use tons of bandwidth they will never know OR know and not really care.

Can fIRC slow down my connection?

Technically Speaking: Yes. Alas, I have not noticed any lag whilst running it, so it uses a tiny bit.

Is there any chance my server can be hacked and used to exploit my PC?

No, fIRC should be totally hack-proof! If you are really worried, just enable option 'If a users client sends an invalid command, disconnect it' and the socket being abused will be removed, no questions asked =)

Is fIRC likely to crash?

Not for you :) I can't say it doesn't crash whilst I'm testing new features, but it has only crashed twice, and that was because I forgot to disable timer and my log got flooded.

Can I contact the developers for more help?

Yep! Goto our forum (assuming its setup when your reading this ;) and post under help section. Even if we aren't around, another user is bound to know, and be willing to help!

Can I link fIRC to another friends fIRC server?

No, that hasn't been added. Tell us what you think thought, under Suggestions on the forum there is a poll...Vote please.