Last Updated 3 Feb 2003

This Changes Log started on the 28th of January 2003 and some things may be missing

+ Added Function
* Improvment or Bug fix
- Removed item
! Security issue fix or notice
% = See fIRC Specification file for format

NOTE: To get specifation, load your server and goto
in internet explorer
1.0 build 3
* Fixed reload channel on startup error, now if file missing/incorrect, it will be mentioned
- Removed debug items displayed on log when user CHATS and joins channels.
- Removed more debug messages...
+ Server drops blank messages to be sent to channel
<#Main/Server> You cannot send empty messages
+ Server now notifies users in channels that new user joined
# When I was testing server in compiled state I got runtime 340 - Array 2 doesnt exist
+ Added Banning! It works FINE!
* Banning No-Longer effects Op+
# If you install Build 2 and set it up then install Build 3 you need to delete Settings.ini
before running Build 3 or server will crash due to Build 2 not working with Bans
# If you have alot of bans you may lag on load as all bans are listed in log
* Added option to not list bans in log (default is dont list in log ;)
! Registered AND normal nicks do not have passwords...So anyone can login to Admin account
! so until I have time to work on this, don't have any *top secret* meetings in Admin Chan
! because anyone could just login as you( EVEN IF YOUR ON ), join chan [Will look like bug]
! and all messages that should have gone to YOU would be sent to hacker
! Session hijacking is not a direct issue and can only happen by all info being changed
! to hijacker info.
- Stopped server loading banlist on load (Saves time)
+ If there are more than 5,000 bans you are told how long it will take to reload list
+ Server now stores how many users are in channel
* Fixed bug - everytime Admin tried to chat there message was replied by with the topic
* Server no-longer mentions invalid commands in log - My log file kept becoming corrupt
+ Colour Schemes! You can now specify the colour of MOST Log messages
* On reboot/load server NOW takes the usernum away, as well as users =)
+ When user logouts from server, all users in channels user was in should be notified of d/c
+ Added this one a while ago: >TOPIC = Sends topic. >TOPIC blah sets topic to blah for OP+
* Fixed bug = Server wasnt notifing users that user had logged out because I forgot about
the 3rd arguement, so I had to run server in debug mode until I figured it out.
- Debug Messages used to figure out above bug
# Got a bug. After 'Max' Logged out, the channel he was in last got notified, but the others
* Above bug 'appears' to be fixed...Patience IS the answerer. The server pauses for 0.1 secs
before unjoining the next channel

1.0 build 2
+ Log file started
! Added option to disconnect clients that send unknown messages
* Log is now a RichTextBox not a listbox, and has colour-coded message
* Options is no-longer a single frame it is multiple frames on a new form
+ You can now reboot server with the click of a button...
+ Server responds to GET requests from browsers...Browser is send 'Port Scan Preventer'
* Server sends protocol if anyone visits
* Fixed bug caused by reboot, where you couldn't close server with X
+ Settings are now loaded on boot, and saved on close
* Limiting users now works...
! On bad commands server flooding may happen
# Advanced Msgs dont work
+ Log Limiting has been added, so when character limit is reached, first line is deleted
+ Setup page for first run.
+ Checking for update added and should work
* Fixed LoginTimeout - Timer now unloads properly
+ Channel List is now saved, and loaded on boot
+ Channel Settings are also saved and loaded and channel properties form added\
+ Channel List can now be requested and sent, and the format is easier to work with (%)
* Fixed Login timeout - Now if value is higher than 60, timer reports error, and unloads
- Options Frame - Waste of space with the form...
* Now when a client disconnect the login timeout timer is unloaded for that socket
* Now when server disconnects browsers the login timeout timer is unloaded
* Prevented client login in more than once with one socket (NOTE: Socket is killed)
+ Added option to prevent closing server (like a child-lock)
+ Added registered users - Currently not very good =(
+ Added 2 commands that can be used on startup. They are -NOSETUP and -SETUP.
+ WOOO HOOO! You can now Join channels and send messages! The server also sends em!
+# HalfBug I added (OOPS!) and half fix...It removes users from channels on load AND refresh
* Fixed above bug
# Cant have nicks like user1 and user2 it wont work in chans =(
===End Build 2===